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instagram algorithm 2017

Instagram algorithm piss me off!

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The wrong way to populate my instagram browsing with repeated photos and ridiculously repeated photos I have already flag I don’t want to see anymore is annoying me and probably other millions!

instagram algorithm 2017

What’s wrong with the instagram algorithm 2017?

If Instagram is filling your feed with repetitive photos and you for a week try to get rid off so you are wasting your time! I try but is not working. You get photos you don’t wanna see there everyday and even after a month I almost Unfollow any other Instagram account that may contain that kind of photos is not working to fix the issue and then you are pissed off like me right !?

So why Instagram is making this spamming instead of offering new contents?

Why also this Instagram spam apply to advertising?

Instagram Advertising also go wrong in my case!

Invading and not concerning advertising also populate my browsing experience with wrong language ads and alcohol advertising contents I have previously marked I’m considering offending! But Instagram show me again and again. My compliments!


A Way to fix instagram wrong algorithm 2017? How to.

You may try the below but for me in iPhone 7 Plus is not working

No! Sorry no way!

Uninstalling Instagram and installing again? Not working

Change your country in Facebook ? Not working

Deleting Safari or any other browser cookies? Not working.

Log out from Facebook app? Not working

Clearing the Instagram cache? Not working

No one of the above will help you get new feed and get new pictures while browsing Instagram. The contents will be the same categories you visited and or liked or saved in your Instagram browsing history with minimum differences  .

Sorry but also this could cause a sort of anxaity in my future use because I’m afraid that maybe if I like some cats photos then Instagram will probably shows 80% of cats wile I’m browsing in the future?! So be careful and be aware of what you look for.

Consider also if you have kids and they maybe use your phone and if you search for top model beach wear then Instagram will probably show for months almost naked sexy girls on your Instagram feed!

I think they must improve the instagram algorithm 2017 and definitely change it to allow user to get a new photography experience.

Here we go again! After 8 clicks on see fewer post like this the  fatty cat appears again..

Instagram wrong post

And now maybe you will suggest to pay attention to hashtags I use in my own post?! ok !

and what about Saved ? When you save photos you find interesting I believe this have an important role on you next browsing experience.

Also kepp in mind if you post a cat picture Instagram will show you cat pictures as well .

Thanks for reading

Marco Toscani

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