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Marco Toscani

Marco Toscani

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Smart ideas change the world!

Limitless Imagination!

Always see next and learn how to make projects become reals and useful for everyone.

Designing objects is like manipulating atoms. You know you are transforming elements and your smile at the end of the job will pay you back.

Design Invent Paint Write DO DO DO DO!!!

Creare è magia!

Toscani Marco Design & Photography

I grew up in Milan and always seeking around to discover and learn what the world can give me.

I knew my vision is different from others and I understand also all my projects and ideas are a bit complicated as my brain 🙂

For me the overall perception of this world is partially abstract and slowest. So my reaction and the way I think and or create something are definitely unique. Is obviously unique but in conflict with the common sentence that we all are connected right?

Sometime you should ask yourself why you are the chosen to become the designer and inventor ?

Where all these ideas comes from? Why you?

WHY NOT?!?!?

Study? Nooo I don’t like too much! Reading books take me away from reality but then I think sometime also running away.. from reality is fine ?!. Anyway yes I’m an industrial technology technician and I believe was a nice school to make me ready for real life.

In present I’m more into Project Development.

Dreaming a better world where futuristic objects will become part of our ordinary life to change our perception of life itself.

I LOVE ART and Photography and also Minimalism philosophy of course.

Everything must be difference from globalization. But we are the mass right?

So follow me to find out what’s next.


Marco Toscani