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Toys Only one toy designed till today. One funny peluche that looks like a bear but is more a phantom. I hope to have more inspiration to create more and more toys for kids! The project isn't finish...
BRAIN ©Marco Toscani 7277


Films I know there is a Movie Director Marco Toscani (with my name I know!) but I don't know him personally at list till now. I have written in the past a script for an action...


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Startups+Ventures Since young I start working with IBM machines and then I alternate UNIX and jump into the cloud few years a go. I have spent thousands of hours learning and developing technologies for mobile and...

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Marco Toscani Marco Toscani ©Marco Toscani Smart ideas can change the world! Never limit your imagination! Always see next and learn to make any projects become reals useful for everyone. Designing objects is like manipulating atoms. You know you are...
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Toscani Design

Toscani Design @Marco Toscani Design Office My Ideas comes so fast I have to write all down on everything I have next before I forget all!   Imagination into reality! I made I think I live Toscani design idea ELLIOT Lamp Designed by...
KYOTO COWBOY ©Marco Toscani 7277

Toscani Photography

Marco Toscani Photography At the moment you can find some of my pictures in MARCO TOSCANI PHOTOGRAPHY account in Lens Culture @ Or Follow me on Instagram at My own vision of reality is probably different and subjective of...