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The Fujifilm X or LEICA?

The Fujifilm X-E2s

After few years switching cameras (few Fujifilm cameras) I ordered the Fujifilm X-E2S in 2018!

Apparently can look strange to sell a Fujifilm X-T1 to buy a new Fujifilm X-E2S but now I tell you why I make this not so crazy switch.

After buying, using and selling Fujifilm X-Pro1, X-T10 and the X-T1 why I ordered a  Fujifilm X-E2S ?

Well it all depend of photography style of course. What usually I shoot and the way I shoot and the resoults I’m looking for!

“The Fujifilm X-E2S is a rangefinder-styled mirrorless interchangeable lens camera featuring a 16MP X-Trans sensor, abundant external controls, a high-resolution electronic viewfinder and a hybrid autofocus system.” This is the absolutly amazing short description from dpreview site.

Now I tell you..

One of the funny reason is because I always use polarized lens in sunday lighting conditions. So the magic X-Pro1 unfortunatly don’t allow to view through the viewfinder when turning the camera to portrait mode because wearing sunglasses polarized lenses but the good news for me was the X-e2s does ! YES!

Anyway the colors from the X-Trans CMOS are really magic in rendering on final jpgs files. (Maybe you have to buy an X-Pro1 if you don’t use polarized sunglasses in 2018 or in the future! 🙂

NOW let’s talk about back button focus.. Is the X-e2s good for back button focusing? NO – No because the AF-L button is positioned for me in not easy to click (maybe because I have big hands?) Anyway if you use manual focus you may not need the back button focusing and this make the X-e2s perfect for  Street photography as well. I’n not sure but the X-T1 is better for BBF.

Anyway I was unsure if buying a Leica and I was thinking to buy the 5000$ Leica M9 so I start looking around if manual focusing with optical viewfinder was the kind of camera experience for me!?

Apparently Fujifilm did a very good marketing job with the X-cameras serie and so the any photographer bought and used the camera in total satisfaction till realize some minor issues. But is about passion and love we feel for a camera that push us to use it even with some imperfections..Do you believe in a PERFECT CAMERA? I will probably buy again an x-pro1 just to collet in my desk and have fun some weekend (not a sunny weekend).

So with the intention of anyway test my capability to get abused of using a side viewfinder I start reading many blogs and blogs review and of course youtuber review videos. So definitely very funny and time consuming. Anyway always good to learn new technology and find interesting cameras online to discuss about at the bar with friends. So after all this research I opt to buy..

The X-E2s! Yes! because is probably a similar xp compared to a Leica? Maybe ?

Because I don’t need the 24mp from the X-e3 or a touch screen my decision was successfully rewarded by this new compact camera. The amazing work with the x-e2s for Architecture photography because no need back button focusing and is super lightweight and with 16 mp I can definetly print out up to 1.20 meters nice sharp photos without any resolution issue.

So I want to say also the focusing speed is also in range with specific lenses from Fujinon line up. No problem at all with the battery that can stand for all day shooting at building. Autofocus is ok and menu is ok of course I wont tell you more then you can find in other review but here is my tip before you buy a Leica system camera.. buy a cheap Fujifilm X-Pro1 with a 23mm f2 lens or the Fujifilm X-E2s and have fun in manual mode with optical or electronic viewfinder for few months. If after few months this kind of shooting experience is ok for you then is time to invest your money in a Leica M10 or Leica Q or Leica Typ 262 or Leica M-D in the extreme. I want to suggest to avoid only monochromatic cameras but to shoot in b&w with the Fujifilm camera to perfect your style. In fact the black and white photography (saved only in the JPG (because you shoot in RAW+FINE) so keep in mind.

I always try avoid post editing but sometime is mandatory and RAW file will help for sure to recover some photos.


Is an amazing experience to use manual focus with vintage or fixed manual lenses on a fuji. The focus peaking allow you to master the nmanual focus easily and if using zone focusing is better then other auto focusing experience of course. Switch to manual focus or using manual focusing lenses for street photography is mandatory and please beware many Fujinon lens aren’t the best for zone focusing technique because missing the aperture scale. so Maybe try with a Pentax 50mm 1.7 or 1.4 or similar vintage lens and adapt to your Fuji system with specific 20$ adapters. Also the Voigtlander lenses are obviusly the best option to use with Fujifilmif you may want to invest a bit more. If you have Leica lens is going to be provided amazing results in sharpness of course.

How to compare camera lens results before buying it ?

If you search in for groups of a specific lens you can easily compare the photo quality and see colors, micro-contrast and then consider the one you want to buy in respect of the style of photography that want to emulate. Try is free.

And this some photo sample with the Fujifilm X-E2s




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