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Since young I start working with IBM machines and then I alternate UNIX and jump into the cloud few years a go.

I have spent thousands of hours learning and developing technologies for mobile and web and server side environments.

The usability and friendly interface with better user experience are for me so important and is where I focus while developing Online Business.

I follow the Portal Development and all Verticalization and Cloud orchestration of ecosystems inclusing of course the mobile applications development and integrations of API and SDK.

Fintech is now a growing sector I’m interested and I’m actually working to an algorithm to rum millions of data daily on cryptography infrastructures.

I’m also following few projects in Fashion Industry and also in Travel sectors like Tourist Rental and Reservation Web-Portals and relative mobile apprications.

Also developing new mobile Apps for Yacht Industry and Social Marketing.

I’m still looking for new project so I invite you all to share with me your ideas.

Fashion + Marketing +Travel Industry +Technology

Travel Ventures

Luxury Properties Rentals

Luxury Property Management Sales and Vacation Rentals



Travel Portals Flights Hotels and Car Rentals price Comparison

islago flights hotels rentacars


Yacht Charter Web Portal

Top SuperYacht Charter mobile application and website

top superyacht Yacht Charter
top superyacht Yacht Charter

And some other Ventures comings..

Please contact me to have a coffee and talk about a new startup


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